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There is plenty to appreciate and be joyful about the year’s eleventh month.

November, the finest month of the year, arrives just after Halloween and before Christmas. November strikes the ideal balance between the two seasons. You can don your comfortable sweaters, fix your topknot, and indulge in anything pumpkin-flavored.

Well, November has been amazing for us at EnthuZiastic.

Here’s why.

Thanksgiving at EnthuZiastic

Thanksgiving is the time to express your gratitude and count your blessings. We are forever grateful for your association and for choosing us as your learning partner.

Everyone has their own way of saying Thanks. We expressed ours with some amazing events, organized without any cost.

Cooking Workshop

cooking workshop on Thanksgiving

EnthuZiastic celebrated Thanksgiving by organizing an exciting Thanksgiving Cooking Workshop on the 23rd of November. Adding a staple pumpkin makes the dish an easy-to-prepare and easy-to-pair-with Thanksgiving side dish.

Our young EnthuZiastic Chef Armaan proved to be a great host who showed our junior participants and us how to prepare a delicious Pumpkin Hummus.

Besides the recipe, Chef Armaan also led us to some interesting facts. I learned that this bright pumpkin hummus, as the recipe’s name implies, was inspired by a dish in Lebanon. But the Egyptians and Palestinians claimed this invention for themselves as their national cuisine.

chef Armaan showing his dish

The event was a success, with our young participants having a gala time and trying their hands at cooking for the first time. I hope this event generated a love for cooking amongst our young chefs.

Art and Craft Workshop

EnthuZiastic’s Thanksgiving Art and Craft Workshop was full of lively entertainment and excitement. We had colors! We had fun! We had giggles!

With a great zeal, our young participants went on to make their best creations.

Thanksgiving Art and Craft Workshop

Be it a choo-choo train, a cabin, or a beautiful garden, our participants managed to draw such beautiful sketches. I am sure that they are to be framed for the entire world to see and wonder with awe!

December Events at EnthuZiastic

EnthuZiastic’s Holiday Art and Craft classes will help give your Christmas a warm, personal touch. Let your kids make stunning decorations and unique presents while enjoying the holiday music and ambiance of a benevolent Christmas!

art and craft workshop

What you should expect out of this workshop

  • Free registration
  • Make DIY Décor pieces and greeting cards
  • Limited seats only


Holiday Theme Date
Christmas Art and Craft Camp 17th December & 18th December
Christmas Art and Craft Camp 23rd and 24th December
New Year Art and Craft Camp 30 and 31st December


Enroll in Holiday Art and Craft Workshop

Christmas Eve Customs to Make it More Memorable for Kids

Christmas customs make Christmas Eve a memorable night, from hanging stockings and unwrapping a holiday present to leaving cookies for Santa. The night before Christmas, each family has its unique traditions.

Here are a few you must introduce to your kids. They will love it.

Merry Christmas

Open One Gift

Why wait till Christmas to open gifts? Instead, unwrap only one gift on Christmas Eve to have a sneak peek. You can select a special present or choose one from the ones beneath the tree.


Many families gift new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but you can heighten the cozy atmosphere of the season by introducing Hygge into your celebration. This Danish way of life, called “hue-guh,” is characterized by a warm environment, spending time with loved ones, and relishing the comfort of an inside winter night.

Image Credits: The NewYorker

Fantastic on Christmas Eve! Put on your Christmas pajamas, then cuddle up with hot cocoa and some candles while lounging beneath blankets.

Make Food for Reindeer

Santa’s reindeer sure need food for their long journey. Wear chef’s hat and take whatever you have in your pantry and cook up something.

Make a Care Package

Get together to assemble care package for people in need. It is one of the best way to teach empathy and thoughtfulness to kids.

Did you know you can track Santa on Norad? Share with your kids to see the movement of Santa on Christmas Eve.

Special Things to do on New Years’ Eve

I hope 2022 was an excellent year for you. We’re also relieved that the year is done so that you can move on to better things in 2023. Whether 2022 was terrific, terrible, or a combination of both, you should take time to appreciate the victories as you bid the year farewell. Whatever happened, you made it out alive!

New Year 2023

On New Year’s Eve, there are some obvious things to do, like attending a party, watching the ball drop on television, or having a pleasant supper with friends and family.

I sincerely hope you don’t treat this as just another typical day. How, then, should you greet 2023? To help you start the new year off on the right foot, we’ve put together a special list:

Neighborhood Suitcase Travelling

New year thing to do
Image Credits: The Discoverer

On New Year’s Eve, it’s customary in several Latin American communities to round the block carrying an empty bag to bring about travel and excitement in the next year!

Learn Something New

You can still pick up a lot in the final few days of the year with a bit of creativity. Attend a photoshop or digital art lesson to help you create beautiful pictures for the upcoming year.

Heroes That Make Us Proud

Did you know that Gyanendra and Monica produced the Indian national anthem in sign language?

The then-prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, acknowledged the work with great enthusiasm. Around 70 lakh people with hearing and speech impairments in the country could sing the national anthem for the first time due to this initiative.

The Indore-based Anand Service Society (ASS) is working to integrate deaf and speech-impaired youth into mainstream society via services including education, vocational counseling, and job placement.

In 2000, Gyanendra Purohit and his wife Monica established the organization in memory of Gyanendra’s brother, Anand, a deaf and speech-impaired man who tragically perished in a railway accident. They never wanted somebody like him to go through life unable to use their sense of hearing or express themselves verbally.


  • They constituted the Tukoganj police station in Indore to operate a hotline for the deaf and speech challenged. It was also because of the couple that the first police station in India where the deaf and the speech handicapped can file complaints was established in Tukoganj.
  • ASS has helped more than 10,000 people with various impairments get justice.
  • In 2016, the society’s founding couple and organization earned the Rashtriya Swayam Siddh Samman award from the Jindal Steel Foundation for their efforts to find, honor, and promote leaders at the community level.
  • Most recently, Monica Purohit was recognized as one of India’s top 100 most accomplished women.
  • Recently, the husband and wife were recognized in Amitabh Bachchan’s program Kaun Banega Crorepati during a special section called Karamveer 2020.

I want to end this section with an anecdote that will never cease to inspire me.

Despite the ASS founders’ guidance, the education department rejected four people who were deaf or hard of hearing for teaching positions in 2005. Because of this, Gyanendra Purohit decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. He appealed this decision to the Supreme Court and was successful there.

The hiring practices of schools have changed to set aside a certain number of teaching positions for students with special requirements. Around 25,000 youngsters with special needs are now enrolled in mainstream MP classrooms.

We salute their resilience and effort!

EnthuZiastic Impact

EnthuZiastic is more like a community for learning than anything else. The knowledge exchange between teachers and students is the most sacred to us.

This is what our students, parents, and teachers think about EnthuZiastic.

Learner’s Feedback

“My husband and I moved to the USA early in our career. Our daughter, Adarshini, was born in this country. Even though we speak Tamil at home, it wasn’t enough for her to learn the language as natives do. That was when I decided to opt for Tamil courses so my daughter could stay in touch with her culture. But there was a deficit of authentic Tamil classes in the State. Thank God, I found EnthuZiastic and quickly contacted them. We enrolled her in the Tamil Beginners class, and the progress is visible.”
“Liam performed average in arithmetic and algebra throughout his schooling. But geometry was something that he always struggled with till he started his one-on-one coaching with EnthuZiastic. With the help of his Geometry classes, he can visualize shapes in his mind, which is of great assistance to him.”
“Photography was never a hobby for me but an art. I always wanted to be a photographer but the courses available elsewhere needed to be pocket-friendly. EnthuZiastic’s photography course took me closer to my dream.”
“The intricacies of the human mind have intrigued me always. That was a major reason I took Psychology as a minor subject in college. But I always felt that the course curriculum needed to be completed. But that never stopped me from studying what I love. Psychology courses at EnthuZiastic are wholesome and cover the topic from every aspect.”

Teacher’s Feedback

EnthuZiastic is what it is today because of our dear teachers. Their valuable comments are what keep us going.
“Teaching at EnthuZiastic is a great opportunity if teaching is your passion.”
“The EnthuZiastic team is always available if I am facing any technical issue, even if it is 10 at night.”
“EnthuZiastic has truly made a difference in my life. I love teaching my students, and they also love and respect me. These little things matter truly.”

Plastic-Free and Litter-Free Chewing Gums

For EnthuZiastic’s November issue, we have brought you the story of Mayank and his brother, Bhuvan. These young chaps single-handedly prevented around 120 kg of plastic waste from adding to nature. How do they fulfill such a huge feat? Let’s find out.

During his college days, Mayank, a food science student, learned that chewing gums contain plastic. They are also the most littered thing and take more than 25 years to degrade.

Also, he carried out a survey where he talked to his family members and acquaintances to know whether they knew what chewing gums are made of. The results shocked him as most of them weren’t aware that they were consuming plastic unaware. Mayank and Bhuvan soon went on a journey to produce a plastic-free gum that would benefit everyone.

They read several research papers, talked to experts, and came up with the solution- tree sap. They also prefer to pack their environment-friendly chewing gums in paper or tin packages. And that’s how we get Gud Gum.

Courses at EnthuZiastic

EnthuZiastic prides itself on delivering classes with the best resources.

Let’s take a look at some of our courses that have proved their merit time and again:

Christmas Riddles for Kids

In terms of joy, Christmas is unparalleled. Food, celebrations, and quality time with loved ones are at the heart of the Christmas season. On the occasion of Christmas festivities, children should partake in many enjoyable activities.

Parents can join in on the fun during the holiday season by asking their children riddles. Christmas riddles are a great way to teach youngsters new facts about the holiday and inject much-needed lightheartedness into the festivities.

Riddles for your little one

  • I come with many colors, so beautiful and bright, I turn so many houses into a beautiful sight. What am I?
  • What do you call a person who is afraid of Santa Claus?
  • Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
  • I get chopped, decorated and on one end you’ll see wings on top. What am I?
  • If a lion had a Christmas music album, what would it be called?


More Resources to keep kids occupied: Puzzles, Trivia Games

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Wrapping It Up

We at EnthuZiastic, are glad that you have been a part of our journey from the beginning and are always excited to know what’s going on with us.

I will be back with our next issue in the coming month!

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We will see you in 2023.

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